What Customers Have to Say About Canine Training by Chris

Our dog Jake (5 yr old pit mix) had some leash aggression. He would lunge at bikes, trucks, strollers, and people. He would get overly excited when he saw dogs and would pull on the leash and go crazy. He would take out his frustration on us and even bit us in the legs multiple times. He was pretty uncontrollable.

Chris was our 4th trainer. When we first got Jake we did an obedience class where the trainers had no idea how to help us. Then we did a private training session, then another with a different trainer, and another, then we met Chris.
It didn’t take Chris long to figure out why Jake was acting the way he was. The first few sessions were spent figuring out what training methods worked best for Jake. By the third session he pretty much had Jake totally figured out.
Our last session was spent walking around downtown Naperville on a busy day. Jake walked around other dogs, people, bikes, trucks, strollers, scooters, etc without lunging, barking or crying even once. Chris trained him to the point where he barely even acknowledges other dogs.

He is finally a joy to walk and bring around others. No more looking like terrible dog owners with an uncontrollable dog. Now we have the controllable dog and Jake just walks past while other dogs bark at him. We spent four years trying to get Jake to this point. It took Chris five sessions.

His prices are extremely affordable. We did a session every 3 weeks which seemed perfect. Thank you Chris for helping us with Jake! He is a totally different dog now.”

Chris is super great! He’s been super helpful with our pitbull puppy, explaining what we need to do and also explaining the pup’s behaviors so we understand her better. He’s also way more reasonably priced than most trainers, and doesn’t get mad at me when I need to reschedule appointments or forget what time we set our appointments for!”

Chris is a fantastic trainer. My wife and I have taken our Pit Mariah to several trainers to help control her dog aggression with mild success. Chris figured her out within five minutes on a walk, and is constantly adjust the training methods to fit her needs, while adding games to make it an enjoyable experience for us, and Mariah.

Chris also was able to inform us that Mariah’s aggression comes from her needs to be a working dog through her genetics. No other trainer has been able to inform us of this trait, or understood her desire, and need to work. Chris has showed us how to apply her drive into games to satisfy her needs.

He is always available by phone when you are his client, and encourages you to send videos so he can critique your training.”

Chris is the REAL DEAL. He can work with you in your own home 1 on 1 AND/OR in his own, next to the best trained dogs out there. He is reasonable and worth every dollar. If you are avoiding real training because of cost I have this message for you: Training expenses may add up but there is no greater value than having a well trained dog.”

Chris has been working with my dog Logan for a few months now. He has miraculously made walking Logan easy when it had been impossible and it was a quick fix. He also immediately noticed an anxiety issue in Logan I wasn’t even aware of. He has been working to socialize Logan as well. Chris explains everything and makes sure you know how to work with your dog on your own at home. He is insightful, experienced and confident. I believe he can train literally any dog. I was looking for a good trainer and I found a great one in Chris. If I could I would give him 10 stars!!!”

Chris was wonderful with Griffin. He addresses all our concerns and showed us the way to handle our stubborn Shar-Pei mix with limited visits. Griffin was showing signs of aggression and guarding and when Chris came to our home he immediately identified the actions we needed to take with him. We will not hesitate to call Chris with any questions, concerns or to have him back for more sessions if needed. Thanks Chris. We are glad we found you!”

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