Our board and train programs cover issues from leash pulling to place command communication.

Leash pulling and place communication issues need to be addressed and corrected over a longer period of time. An individual training lesson may temporarily encourage good behavior but will not permanently change your dog’s behavior.

Our dog boarding program approach is based on believing every dog is completely different. This is why we implement a custom training program based on your needs and the needs of your dog. We believe in customizing training programs for each dog to fit their disposition and instill a lifelong management system.

Issues Dog BoardING & Training Programs Cover

  • Dog aggression
  • Human aggression
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking, jumping, mouthing, and nipping
  • Leash pulling and reactivity
  • Fear-based behaviors
  • Place communication
  • Command obedience
  • Off-leash training with an electronic collar

Our 6-Week Behavioral Modification Program also covers:

  • Reactivity
  • Anxiety/mild phobia issues
  • Dogs who are under-socialized or over-socialized

*Potential board and train clients must schedule a private lesson first.

Dog Boarding Program Pricing

  • 4-Week Basic Obedience Dog Boarding Program: $4,000
  • 6-Week Behavioral Modification Dog Boarding Program: $6,000

Book a 4-Week or 6-Week Board and Train by Texting (630) 234-8906

Prior to being able to reserve a 4 or 6-week Board and Train we require an evaluation of your dog to ensure we are a good fit. If you have never had a training session with us please schedule an introductory private in home lesson by texting (630) 234-8906. Do not book using the app.

Client Dog Boarding Services

Client dog boarding services are an option for our current clients to board their dogs temporarily after a training session. These services are provided to clients to let their dogs out and join playgroups with other dogs. We typically have 3-4 structured playgroups each day. Every dog playgroup session is observed from start to finish by Chris.

Client Dog Boarding Service Pricing

  • Adult dogs: $75/day
  • Puppies: $90/day
  • Behavioral Boarding: $105/day

If you have any questions about our client services, please send us a text with any questions.

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