Specializing in Canine Obedience and Behavioral Modification

As humans, our expectations of a peaceful environment with dogs are reasonable and desirable. It can be tough to turn expectations into reality, especially with the busy schedules we all have. Understanding the appropriate behaviors we want to encourage can be difficult due to both time constraints and the fact that every dog is different.

That is why I develop canine obedience and behavioral modification programs that are unique to your dog. Every dog has individual needs and requires specific training to encourage good behaviors and discourage bad ones.


Each Program I Develop is Based on Two Principles


Long-Term programs (1 month+)

Low-Volume boarding (only a few dogs in boarding at one time)


These principles allow me to dedicate the needed time and energy to actually achieving the obedience and behavioral modification each dog needs.

I want the same thing you want: the best training possible for your dog’s needs.




What Our Clients Say

“Chris is a fantastic trainer. My wife and I have taken our Pit Mariah to several trainers to help control her dog aggression with mild success. Chris figured her out within five minutes on a walk, and is constantly adjust the training methods to fit her needs, while adding games to make it an enjoyable experience for us, and Mariah.”
"We spent four years trying to get Jake to this point. It took Chris five sessions. His prices are extremely affordable. We did a session every 3 weeks which seemed perfect. Thank you Chris for helping us with Jake! He is a totally different dog now.”
“Chris is super great! He's been super helpful with our pitbull puppy, explaining what we need to do and also explaining the pup's behaviors so we understand her better. He's also way more reasonably priced than most trainers, and doesn't get mad at me when I need to reschedule appointments”
“Chris is the REAL DEAL. He can work with you in your own home 1 on 1 AND/OR in his own, next to the best trained dogs out there. He is reasonable and worth every dollar. There is no greater value than having a well trained dog.”